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This section will showcase the adaptation and usage effects of Oh-my-rime.


Platform Support

Oh-my-rime currently supports the following desktop platforms:

  • Windows: Rime framework input method for Windows -- Weasel
  • macOS: Rime framework input method for macOS -- Squirrel
  • Linux: ibus framework and fcitx can be used on Linux

On mobile platforms, it is theoretically adaptable, but the actual experience may not be as good as on desktop platforms:

  • iOS: Cangjie input method (App Store)
  • Android: Sogou input method

Supported Features

The current supported features include:

  • Support for light/dark skin styles
  • Chinese input method, supporting both traditional and simplified Chinese
  • Support for Chinese and English input
  • Support for Emoji and kaomoji (Japanese emoticons)
  • Support for character decomposition lookup, Wubi reverse lookup, and stroke count reverse lookup
  • Support for inputting dates, weekdays, time, and RMB amount in words