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This chapter will complete some common questions about Rime.

WinXP and Win7 use Mint input method

Windows XP and Windows 7 only support the 0.14.3 version of Weasel:

Starting from 0.15, the minimum Windows version of Weasel is Windows 8.

The version of librime (Rime core library) that comes with the 0.14.3 version is relatively low, Lua scripts is not very good at the version.

Due to the inability to fully utilize the functions of the Mint input method, which includes Lua scripting configuration (similar to Rime and other input methods), as a consequence, certain limitations arise.

The optimal solution is to upgrade the operating system. However, in many cases, the operating system may be Windows Server, a bastion machine, a springboard machine, etc., making upgrades inconvenient. Here is a less than satisfactory solution:

Manually download the librime support library

Unzipped internal files:

├── dist
│    ├── bin
│    │    ├── rime_deployer.exe
│    │    ├── rime_dict_manager.exe
│    │    ├── rime_patch.exe
│    │    └── rime_table_decompiler.exe
│    ├── include
│    │    ├── rime_api.h
│    │    └── rime_levers_api.h
│    ├── lib
│    │    ├── rime.dll  # 关键支援文件
│    │    └── rime.lib
│    └── share
│        └── cmake
│            └── rime
│                └── RimeConfig.cmake
└── version-info.txt

Open the installation directory of our Weasel input method:

Weasel installation directory

After that, we shut down Weasel’s service. Back up rime.dll in Weasel's installation directory, and move dist/lib/rime.dll in the file you just downloaded and unzipped into it.

Finally, restart Weasel's service; redeploy it.

It should be noted that according to one of the upgrade descriptions of librime 1.9.0:

  • 8b7bdbe: drop BOOST_USE_CXX11; fix 2 cmake warnings (#694) (Qijia Liu) #694

Starting from the librime 1.9.0 version released on 2023.09.16, Windows XP is no longer supported.

So, if you want to manually update Weasel's dependent libraries through this method, you can only use librime 1.8.5 ;The good news is that 1.8.5 can currently use all the functions of the Mint input method normally.

How to remove the built-in ABC in macOS

Some friends want to use Whisker only as the input method to remove the interference of the ABC input method that comes with macOS. It's actually very simple, just modify the file:

# Open the file
sudo open ~/Library/Preferences/

Click on Root -> AppleEnabledInputSources in order, you will see a column of item, find the column where KeyboardLayout Name is ABC, delete the entire item column, and then command + S to save.

Delete the built-in ABC input

Then restart the computer, open the keyboard settings, and you can see that the ABC input method that comes with the system has been deleted.

If you want to add it back, just add it in the system settings.

How to Delete Custom Words

You can delete custom words, or reduce the weight of existing words in the dictionary (return to the original weight, not the lowest).

  • Squirrel uses Fn + ⇧ + ⌫
  • Weasel uses Ctrl/Shift + Del

Effect: Delete custom words

If you want to permanently delete a word that exists in the dictionary, you can only edit the dictionary and redeploy.